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Acro Minis: 4-5 yrs (invite only)

1 hour / $135 per month / 2 x per week


Welcome to our Acro Mini class for 4-5-year-olds! Join us to discover the captivating world of Acrobatic Gymnastics. Your child will learn balance, dynamic skills, and the artistry of dance, all while having fun with new friends. Let's embark on this acrobatic journey together!

Acro Beginner: 5-6 and 6+ yrs

1 hour / $95 per month / 1 x per week

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Our program is designed to be engaging and educational, catering to a wide age range, making it suitable for all beginners. Here, students will learn the fundamentals of both balance and dynamic skills, as well as the artistry of dance, while also developing strength, flexibility, and agility. Our experienced instructors will guide them in a supportive and fun environment, where they can build essential skills and make new friends.

Acro Beginner Boys: 6+ yrs

1 hours / $95 per month / 1 x per week


Do your boys need a challenge? Take them to the air and have them flying with our Acro boys class, designed to develop their strength and flexibility in the air. This allows their coordination and agility to be challenged on new levels, further preparing them for their fitness journey!

Acro Intermediate: 6+ yrs

1 hours / $95 per month / 1 x per week


Ready to Elevate Your Acrobatic Skills? Join our Intermediate Acrobatic Gymnastics Class for ages 5-15. Journey deeper into balance, dynamic movements, and the artistry of dance. Perfect for advancing gymnasts looking to take their skills to the next level!

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