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Tip Top Girl’s (by invite): 3-5 yrs

2 hours / $185 per month / 2x week


This is an invitation-only program for children who are 3-5 years of age. Instructor recommendation is required. Children in this program have demonstrated both a physical level of readiness as well as mental readiness. This class aims to increase strength and flexibility and to further develop the basics required to advance toward a competitive level of gymnastics.

Boy’s Pre – Team (by invite): 5-8 yrs

2 hours / $155 per month / 2x week


The Pre – Team is designed for boys to smoothly transition from recreational gymnastics to the competitive world of gymnastics. Basic skills are taught and entry level classes emphasize proper form and technique on all 6 olympic events. These classes are the foundation on which more difficult skills are built. As students master the basics, they move up through the levels!

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