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One/Two Pea: Mommy & Me

1 hour / $75 per month / 1x per week

Discover the magic of our Two Peas gymnastics classes at AGC. Designed for two-year-olds, this program boosts their physical, cognitive, social skills, and their independence. Through age-appropriate circuits, they develop coordination, balance, and engage in interactive play with peers. Music, movement, and basic shapes add to the fun learning experience.

Three Pea

1 hour / $85 per month / 1x per week

At AGC, our Three Peas gymnastics program is designed for three-year-olds. It enhances motor skills, coordination, and language comprehension. They practice skills on floor, beam, bars, and vault, including rolls, balance exercises, and basic routines. Through structured lessons, Three Peas gain strength, spatial awareness, and an understanding of colors and shapes.

Four Pea

1 hour / $95 per month / 1x per week

AGC's Four Peas gymnastics program is perfect for active four-year-olds. They're running, hopping, climbing, and showing their ball-throwing skills. Our curriculum hones their gymnastic abilities, including forward, straddle, and backward rolls with better form. They develop balance on the beam through straight jumps, kick sequences, and graceful arabeques. Additionally, Four Peas gain speed and precision on the vault, mastering techniques like squat-ons, donkey kicks, and jumping on and off a block. Join us for an active and skill-building experience for your four-year-old!

Five/Six Pea

1 hour / $95 per month / 1x per week

At AGC, the Five/Six Pea program is a pivotal year for cognitive and social growth. We emphasize educational gymnastics with gymnastics terminology, independent counting, group presentations, alphabet recognition, musical interpretation, and spatial awareness.


Five/Six Peas are eager to test their abilities, refining their technique for better form and lines. This curriculum includes bridges, handstands, L-handstands, and improved rolls. The cartwheel demonstrates proper sequencing and a refined lunge finish. They're building strength for holds on beams and bars and mastering vault techniques like punch board, stretch jumps, squats onto the block, and forward rolls. Join us for a year of growth and skill development!

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