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Ninja Arts: 6-14 yrs

1 hour / $95 per month / 1x per week

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Our program seamlessly blends the excitement of gymnastics with the thrill of beginner parkour, creating a unique opportunity for kids to train like agile ninjas and play like playful monkeys. Dive into a high-energy, action-packed class where fun reigns supreme, featuring engaging obstacle courses and ninja warrior-style skills that provide an exhilarating challenge for all.

Ninja Arts Mini: 4-5 yrs

1 hour / $95 per month / 1x per week

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Introducing a one-of-a-kind program designed specifically for the youngest age group, where kids get to train like nimble ninjas and play like spirited monkeys. Our high-energy, action-packed class is tailored to 4-5-year-olds, offering a delightful combination of fun and stimulating obstacle courses, along with ninja warrior-style skills to captivate their imaginations and keep them engaged.

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