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Ballet Dancing In Las Vegas

Hello and welcome are you looking for the best ballet dancing in Las Vegas? Here at AGC Las Vegas, we specialize in providing the very best classes and coaching in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Recreational Gymnastics, Preschool Gymnastics, Recreational Trampoline & Tumbling, Aerial, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and more! You can check out the schedule and prices on our website to enroll in classes today. We offer very affordable competitive pricing on all of our classes. AGC Las Vegas has on staff some of the best ballet coaches in the world.

A creative brainchild of a Cirque du Soleil Acrobat, and an Artistic Olympic Coach. AGC combines training in one of the best gymnastics gyms in Las Vegas, circus arts, film arts, and acro gymnastics for children to adults, recreational athletes, professional athletes, and aspiring professional performers alike. Come train with our most experienced gymnastics staff here in Las Vegas.

The owner and head coach of ACG is Tanya Teshev, Tanya was born in Bulgaria where she started training Acrobatic Gymnastics at the age of five. She graduated from the world-renowned “T. Kableschkov” sports school where she was 5 times Acrobatic National Champion and 4 times Trampoline National Champion. Her love for sports as well as her talents gave her the opportunity to travel around the world and perform. Upon retiring from competition, Tanya focused her expertise on coaching both acrobatics and trampoline. Tanya has been the head coach of Acro for the last 3 years and has coached athletes to be State and Regional Champions.

AGC Las Vegas

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Ballet Dancing in Las Vegas

Gymnasts perform on a floor with an apparatus: hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon or rope. This class combines elements of gymnastics, dance and calisthenics; and will build on strength, flexibility, agility, dexterity and coordination. We offer a variety of ballet dance classes for young kids, teenagers and young adults.

Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance, and tumbling, set to music. There are three types of routines; a 'balance' routine where the focus is on strength, poise, and flexibility; a 'dynamic' routine which includes throws, somersaults, and catches, and a 'combined' routine which includes elements from both balance and dynamic.

Ever seen a Cirque Du Soleil show before? Most likely if you have seen a Cirque show the performers were doing acrobatic maneuvers or acro gymnastics.

AGC features a variety of classes such as recreational gymnastics, preschool gymnastics, acrobatics, Aerial, Rhythmic gymnastics, Adult classes, Recreation T&T. We also feature fun activities and events as well for our students and members.

Ballet Dancing in Las Vegas

Acro is a partner sport. Partners in pairs or groups of three or four perform acrobatics skills as balance holds, hand balancing, pyramids, toss, and catches. Routines also include tumbling elements and are set to music with unique choreography and synchronization among partners. Acrobatics Gymnastics is fun for all athletes of any age and athletic ability. Athletes of varying heights, weights, and body types can participate in Acro. Smaller, more flexible athletes are needed to tops, while taller and stronger athletes are ideal for base positions. If you are looking for the best ballet dancing in Las Vegas then AGC is just right for you!

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